Expert solutions for all of life’s clutter!

 You’re busy, we get it.

You have work, family, and what about a little fun. There’s not enough time to get things in order, so leave it to the experts.

Professional organizers at Happy Tree will put everything in it’s place, so that you have more time for the important things: LIFE!

Let us help, here’s how it works…

We start with a walk through, where we create a plan for your space. When we begin our session, we hit the ground running, with all the supplies we need. We sort through the clutter, to make your home calm & functional. And when we leave, we take all donations with us, so there’s no homework. 

The professional organizers at Happy Tree will typically suggest green organizing solutions. What does that mean? Nothing crazy, really. It means classic looking metal instead of plastic, sustainable products like bamboo, and re-using items you already have.

Easy Peasy!

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Imagine having more time to spend with your family? We put the *FUN* back in functional!