Expert Solutions for
All Life's Clutter

 You’re busy, we get it.

We are, too! And we know first hand that getting (and staying) organized saves us tons of time.

This is why we’ve created a business around helping our clients achieve more time.  Although our clients encounter a lot of similar issues, everyone is unique, with different tastes and individual organizational issues.  By creating customized easy-to-follow and maintain systems, they can focus less energy and precious minutes looking for stuff and more on, well, whatever else they want to! The professional organizers at Happy Tree will put everything in it’s place, so that you have more time for the important things:


Whether it’s building your own business, diving back into school, playing with your kids, perfecting your cooking skills, or even getting more sleep, being organized will help you accomplish your goal.

Over 10 Years Of Experience In Professional organizing

“Expert personal organizer, Rebecca Sullivan, juggles business ownership and family life. She is married to her wonderful husband, Daniel, and is a mother of one son, Logan, and a daughter, Skylar. Rebecca is energetic and enjoys living life to the fullest, while giving back. You can find her on the tennis courts, or chatting with friends by the pool. She loves all things Real Housewives & a cold white wine🥂 She avidly cheers on her sons soccer team, & wants to make more time for travel. Scotland in 2023, baby! With this hectic schedule, you've got to be organized!

Rebecca Sullivan

Where it Started

Happy Tree Organizing’s founder, Rebecca Sullivan, got her start organizing 11 years ago. Originally from the Boston area, she began organizing part time, but soon  decided to make it her focus!

Why Choose Us?

Rebecca is creative, talented, analytical, and detail oriented. She and her team will create logical solutions to make your everyday routine easy and efficient.

Dedication to Community

The Happy Tree team goes out of their way to distribute your donations to those most in need. Shoes to elementary kids, and clothes to those who can use them right away. They’ve even found a spot for open dog food, and toiletries.🫶🏼 

Born a midwestern girl with a natural gift for organizing and a love for helping others, Natascha brings that passion to Happy Tree Organizing.

When she’s not browsing Instagram for decluttering ideas, she can be found gardening or drinking coffee—lots of coffee! She married her best friend and the coolest guy she knows. She’s a mom of 3, a cheese aficionado, an occasional runner and a lover of all things contained and organized.


Natascha Beck


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

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Rebecca is an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and is the Director of Communications & Technology for the Georgia Chapter of Professional Organizers, NAPO Georgia.